• Care-free Furmonertinib for Ningbo

    Tian Yi Yong Ning Bao (TYYNB), officially launched today, is an inclusive commercial complementary medical insurance. It is specially designed for Ningbo people and as a complementary program to basic medical insurance. Under the guidance of Ningbo Medical Insurance Bureau, Ningbo Financial Supervision and Regulation Bureau, the Ningbo branch of Insurance Supervision and Regulation Commission of the Bank of China, and other relevant authorities, TYYNB will further enhance the ability of the insured to handle high medical expenses.

    Four Medical Insurance Services

    TYYNB provides insurance for four types of expenses for the insured, including: inpatient service and special illness outpatient service, self-funded malignant tumor prescription drugs in designated drugstores, listed rare disease drugs, proton therapy and heavy ion therapy.


    Furmonertinib incorporated in the list of class-A drugs

    TYYNB covers expenses of purchasing self-funded malignant tumor drugs at designated drugstores. Furmonertinib, as a national Class I innovative drug, is the third generation of EGFR TKI originally developed in China. It has been successfully incorporated in the list of class-A drugs.

    List of Self-funded Malignant Tumor Prescription Class-A Drugs Available at Designated Drugstores