• Lecheng, Boao rolls out global special drug insurance 2021 where Furmonertinib incorporated!

    Lecheng global special drug insurance, the first provincial-level inclusive global special drug insurance program under the government’s guidance, has attracted wide attention since it was introduced last year. Lecheng global special drug insurance 2021 was officially launched on August 2nd. The program has two versions, that is Hainan version and national version, both featuring upgraded level of care and protection for patients in various aspects including drug supply, coverage, insurance liability and health services. On the strength of favorable supports from the Chinese state council, the upgraded program seeks to deliver actual benefits as a result of the boom of the Hainan free trade port to people around the country.


    Lecheng global special drug insurance 2021 incorporates 100 types of drugs, 30 types more than last year, among which 75 are from overseas and 25 are self-developed in China. These drugs cover 42 types of cancer and rare diseases. Lecheng global special drug insurance 2021will help address those long-standing challenges in China that drugs for malignant tumor treatment developed domestically are expensive, while those developed abroad are barely accessible. Furmonertinib’s incorporation into the domestic special drug category means that its buyers will receive reimbursement as long as they purchase the product at hospitals and designated drugstores, making this China’s self-developed innovative drug more widely and easily accessible to lung cancer patients in Hainan and across the country.


    Residents with their households registered under Hainan province, Hainan province ID holders, those covered by Hainan’s local basic health insurance programs and their immediate relatives are all eligible to be insured under the updated Lecheng program’s Hainan version. Previously, patients insured cannot receive compensations for anamneses, but under the upgraded programs, compensations are provided for anamneses as well with a deductible of zero and a reimbursement proportion of 30%; and those insured with no anamneses shall enjoy zero deductible and 100% of reimbursement.


    All residents in Chinese mainland, regardless of their nationalities, shall be eligible to be insured under the national version of the upgraded Lecheng program, which insures against the fees for 100 types of special drugs, 10 types of medical equipment produced abroad and 12 types of healthcare services. Again, those insured with no anamneses shall enjoy zero deductible and 100% of reimbursement.